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Exploring the Future of Geospatial Technology: Highlights from Innovation 7 at GeoIgnite Conference 2024

Innovation 7 was delighted to participate and network at this year's GeoIgnite conference. We had the opportunity to offer our valuable perspectives on Building Information Modeling (BIM), alongside engaging with esteemed peers in the industry. The collaborative environment allowed for rich knowledge exchange and discussion, showcasing the vibrant expertise present in the field. It was truly invigorating to witness the innovative ideas and contributions shared by all attendees.

In attendance representing Innovation 7 were esteemed professionals Steven Spry, Senior Project Manager specializing in BIM Special Projects, and Lilian Garcia Cruz, Lead BIM Specialist. Their presence underscored our commitment to excellence in the realm of Building Information Modeling (BIM). As a Senior Project Manager, Steven Spry brings extensive expertise in navigating complex BIM initiatives, ensuring seamless execution and delivery of projects. Similarly, Lilian Garcia Cruz, as Lead BIM Specialist, possesses a profound understanding of cutting-edge BIM technologies and methodologies, driving innovation within the field. Their active participation at GeoIgnite 2024 exemplifies Innovation 7's dedication to staying at the forefront of industry advancements and fostering collaborative relationships within the BIM community.

GeoIgnite, is a premier conference that was held in Ottawa on May 13th and 15th, bringing together leaders and trailblazers from the geospatial sector. Going beyond traditional Canadian geospatial conferences, it showcases the future landscape and emerging location technologies. Participants gained updates on new technologies, innovations, and disruptive enterprises. The 2024 program highlights digital transformations globally, with influential organizations and leaders sharing insights on IT and geospatial technologies. GeoIgnite is a platform for industry redefining innovations and people.

Check out some photos of i7 at the conference below!

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