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Innovation Seven's business expertise meets Indigenous culture to create a unique and inclusive team

and work environment.  

DEI Statement

Braiding a future together for the next seven generations, at I7 we blend diverse cultural values with Indigenous knowledge to become the Indigenous employer of choice in our industry. We are trusted advisors, connecting communities, bridging world views, and finding innovative ways of supporting Indigenous peoples for the global work environment and prosperity in Canada. At I7 we strive to model the 7 grandfather teachings of humility, bravery, honesty, wisdom, truth, respect, and love in a productive and growing workplace. With these foundational teachings, a greater sense of belongingness, inclusivity and diversity organically flows.

Dandelion Meadow

Our Culture

The name, Innovation Seven and our slogan “Innovation for Seven Generations”, exemplifies Indigenous knowledge that everything we do today will have an impact on the next seven generations. 

The Seven Grandfather Teachings of the Anishinaabe people guide our conduct and business principles and embody our corporate values. 

i7 promotes Indigenous culture in every aspect of our business, from our human resources, to our business methodology and client interaction:

  • Our organization chart is represented as a dream catcher to represent our connectivity with one another and the world around us.

  • Our Human Resource Life Cycle is mapped onto a medicine wheel to remind us of the importance of our core corporate values of respect, teamwork and gratitude.

  • Our staff have created a supportive learning and teaching environment for each other.  Understanding and respecting individual values is indicative of our respect for the history and sacrifices of all Indigenous people.


  • We blend diverse cultures and Indigenous knowledge to create a unique team dynamic and innovative approach to business that has generated many corporate and individual achievements. 


  • We balance our cultural and business needs – our employees are encouraged to take leave to participate in traditional hunting and cultural activities.

Our Work Philosophy

We foster a team centered work environment where all our employees feel supported, motivated and excited to lead and grow! 

  • We are solutions-focused, fast-paced and apply an ever-changing workflow that is sure to satisfy anyone’s thirst for knowledge and new challenges​

  • We offer an environment that embraces trust, inclusion, ingenuity, collaboration and self-empowerment​

  • We embrace the benefits of the 21st century work-life, offering our employees competitive salaries, benefits, remote and flex-work opportunities

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Innovation 7 is building a pool of professionals to call upon if and when an employment opportunity arises.  Please click on our job page link for a complete listing of current opportunities.


I7 is seeking Traditional Algonquin Elders who would be interested and available to conduct traditional ceremonies, open meetings in the traditional territory of the Algonquins and in some cases provide advisory services when required.

If you are interested, please provide your resume and a daily rate of honoraria for both local and Ottawa events to Please be sure to include your areas of knowledge and expertise as well as types of ceremonies and traditional teachings offered. 

Work Philosophy

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Pikwakanagan, Ontario

Phone: 613 625 9999


Fax: 613 625 9997

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