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Building Information Modelling

Innovation 7, with its Indigenous-rich culture and innovative services, provides Building Information Modelling (BIM) resources for all aspects of the digital Building Lifecycle. ​

We support open standards and all methodologies surrounding BIM open standards, considering best practices, solutions and a continuous workflow in every delivery method.​


Innovation 7 is a leading force in the BIM industry in Canada. We are the first and only Indigenous-led BIM supplier in North America. Innovation 7 combines expert specialists in the field with cutting-edge technology while upholding our Indigenous values, beliefs, and culture. Our work results and reputation in the industry has seen us partner with the likes of BuildingSMART Canada, Archidata, and the Government of Canada, to name a few.


Innovation 7 provides comprehensive BIM services, ensuring our expert knowledge will guarantee your project's success no matter what phase our involvement commences. Whether we see a project through from initial concept phase to complete implementation or come aboard later for a final-phase consultation, we offer the same effort and knowledge to every project, and we have the team to back it up.


As the only Indigenous-led BIM service company in North America, Innovation 7 not only sees the vast potential for this industry, but the rapid rate at which it is growing. We believe it is our responsibility to help foster this industry and assist burgeoning specialists realize their potential. We have partnered with BuildingSMART Canada to found an online-based upskilling academy which educates and provides newcomers with a certified Foundations Course. Additionally, we have partnered with FABLAB Onaki, which shares our indigenous values, in an effort to support their BIM and Revit post-secondary educational opportunities for young people, producing new graduates several times a year.

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 Pikwakanagan, Ontario

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