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COVID-19 Update


Dear clients and partners,  


At Innovation Seven we understand the unprecedented challenges and concerns of many organizations, businesses and people due to the outbreak of COVID-19.   Our company is also facing unique challenges and is adapting to these new circumstances. 


Despite these challenges we continue to provide our full suite of services and we will ensure there is limited disruption to our projects.  


We are an Indigenous-owned company, with core values of respect, teamwork, and gratitude and we remain committed to enabling reconciliation between government, business and Indigenous people in these challenging times.  


In response to COVID-19 we’ve pivoted to maintain business continuity.  We are offering our services, including any consultation related to COVID-19, and communication strategies to combat misinformation using official sources of information. 


Innovation Seven was founded on the principle that high-quality work and expert advice can be provided remotely. We were already a company that promoted remote and virtual solutions and we have now enabled all employees to work from home. 


We are positioned to conduct business as usual and support our clients and partners in a world that has rapidly changed in recent months. 

We wish everyone health and wellness. 

The Innovation Seven Team. 


Our Services 

We customize our service approach to meet the unique needs of our clients by offering a wide range

of solutions to complex problems - through inception to implementation and beyond. 

Indigenous Engagement Services

  • Indigenous Relations & Advisory Services

  • Environmental Scan

  • Community Engagement & Consultation

  • Event Planning, Facilitation & Execution

  • Consultation Analysis & Outcome Reporting 

  • Data Collection & Analysis 

  • Institution Development 

Housing & Infrastructure Advisory Services

  • Project Conceptualization & Scoping

  • Business Case Development

  • Project Management

  • Procurement Strategy Development & Implementation

  • Housing Authority Development

  • Housing Policy Review & Development

  • Contract Review & Management

  • Alternative Project Delivery & Public-Private Partnerships (P3)

  • Case Study Development


  • Product and Policy Development

  • Capacity & Recruitment Strategy

  • Strategic Community Planning

  • Indigenous HR Strategy Development & Deployment

Our Clients

We work with a variety of Canadian federal government departments, businesses, Indigenous organizations and communities to help them achieve their goals. 


Our Team

Our first-hand experience working with Indigenous peoples and as members of First Nations communities makes our skillset, expertise and service offerings unique in the Canadian consulting marketspace.

I7 is a proud First Nations owned and operated Indigenous registered business, compliant with the Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Business (PSAB). Over 50 percent of our team are Indigenous. 

Photograph of Dale Booth
Photograph of Justin Smith
Chief Executive Officer
Photograph of Karen Dolan
Human Resources

Join Our Team

At I7, business expertise meets Indigenous culture to create a unique and inclusive teamwork environment.

Indigenous Culture

I7 promotes Indigenous culture

in every aspect of our business,
from our human resources, to

our business methodology, to

our client interaction, to our 

office décor.



and gratitude

as well as the
7 Grandfather

Teachings are

embodied in our

core corporate values.

Working with I7

We are solutions focused,

fast-paced and apply an ever-changing workflow that is sure to satisfy anyone’s thirst for knowledge and new challenges.


We foster a team centered work environment where all

our employees feel supported, motivated and excited to lead and grow!

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