Our Mission

I7 plays a unique role in the path towards reconciliation by bridging the values gap between Canadian Government, Business and Indigenous communities, to solve complex problems, strengthen consultation and improve project outcomes. 

Our Indigenous – First Ethos

A registered Indigenous business, I7 is First Nations owned and operated, compliant with the Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Business (PSAB). Maintaining strong relationships with Indigenous communities is a company-wide priority and over 50 percent of our team members are Indigenous. 

Our Experts

Our knowledge and experience working with Indigenous peoples and as members of First Nations communities makes our skillset, expertise and service offerings unique in the Canadian consulting marketspace. 

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In addition to our in-house experts, I7 also engages the expertise of seasoned Associates as necessary to enhance the quality of service offerings for our clients.

Our Story

Indigenous Communities (First Nations, Inuit and Métis people) in Canada have long faced socio-economic challenges that have had a great impact on their people and their culture. These challenges, such as lack of quality housing, clean water, safe infrastructure, and economic opportunities, have long been misunderstood and worse, overlooked in many cases, often due to a lack of meaningful engagement with these communities to better understand their needs and their pain points. 


Our Team

4-469 Kokomis Inamo • Pikwakanagan, Ontario • K0J 1X0

Phone:  613 625 1441 • Fax: 613 625 1804 • E-Mail: info@innovation7.ca

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